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Exploring the Ice Age
Margaret Cooper, 2001, Atheneum Books, N.Y.
From Booklist: Ilene Cooper

exploring the ice age.Cooper's guided tour through the Ice Age begins with a look at the art in the caves at Lascaux. The author then discusses how people of the time dressed, ate, hunted, and housed themselves. A final chapter examines more fully the art that distinguished the period and gives the lie to the "caveman" stereotype. The text is uneven, mostly in terms of tone: it is sometimes awkwardly jaunty, as when Cooper compares Ice-Age people to cartoon cavemen. However, the information is solid, and much of the art is fascinating. Most of the pictures are executed or reproduced in black and white, but an eight-page color inset has handsome pictures of cave art. Most interesting are drawings of human faces carved in stone 1,500 years ago, which look like caricatures one sees being drawn by artists sitting on street corners today. A bibliography completes the useful package; no Web sites are included. end of story.

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