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Checklist of Hercules on Stamps
copyright 1995 eileen meier

Subjects are listed in coutry of origin order.
Open and save checklist in text format 6k or in pdf format 12k.

Hercules on Postage Stamps of the World
Cronus and Hercules with Celestial SphereAustria28-Sep-66774
St. Michael's Gate with HerculesAustria11-Apr-72920
Fight with HydraAustria11-Apr-72920
Rescue of HesionaAustria11-Apr-72920
Deliverance of PrometheusAustria11-Apr-72920
Fight with CereberusAustria11-Apr-72920
Hercules statues atop balustradeBelgium4-Dec-65B786
Hercules & Priestess AugeBulgaria31-Mar-873239
Head of Hercules on silver coinCyprus1-Aug-55181
Overprint on Cyprus #181Cyprus16-Aug-60196
Hercules on silver coinCyprus21-Nov-66282
Head of Hercules on coin obverseCyprus21-Nov-66287
Cyprus # 196, stamp on stampCyprus13-Jun-77478
Hercules and Nemean LionCyprus29-Dec-89749
Hercules and PyreneFrance4-Oct-761501
"The Drunken Hercules" by RubensGermany28-Jun-771827
Hercules' Knot ArmletGermany Berlin15-Oct-879NB252
Separating Africa and EuropeGibraltar24-Feb-81400
Stradling Gibraltar and MoroccoGibraltar24-Feb-81401
Hercules (Atlas?) holding up GlobeGreat Britain8-Aug-951624e
Hercules holding up Sky for AtlasGreece1896125
Ordeal with AtlasGreece6-Mar189
Struggle with AntaeusGreece6-Mar190
Ordeal with AtlasGreece6-Mar193
Cretan BullGreece1-Nov-37396
Head of Hercules on coin obverseGreece24-Mar-59642
Head of Hercules on coin obverseGreece5-Jul-63751
Cretan BullGreece16-Mar-70972
Cerberus of HadesGreece16-Mar-70973
Golden Apples of HesperidesGreece16-Mar-70974
Hydra of LermaGreece16-Mar-70975
Oxen of GeryonGreece16-Mar-70976
Erymanthian BoarGreece16-Mar-70977
Centaur NessusGreece16-Mar-70978
Fight with River God AchelosGreece16-Mar-70979
Nemean LionGreece16-Mar-70980
Stymphalian BirdsGreece16-Mar-70981
Struggle with AntaeusGreece16-Mar-70982
Young Hercules with Old Nurse GeropsoGreece15-Mar-771202
Head of Hercules Wearing Lion SkinGreece17-Jul-921741
Hercules' Club on Macedonian TetradrachmGreece17-Jul-921746
Centaur NessusHungary16-Sep-782546
Fountain: Hercules astride 7-headed HydraHungary13-Sep-75B310
Nemean LionHungary13-Sep-75B311c
Hercules and LichasItaly15-Jul-57723
Trevi Fountain; Hercules StatueItaly10-Nov-731128
"Hercules Victorious Over Discord", RubensLiberia14-Nov-851029
Hemean LionMali16-Jan-78C321
Struggle with AntaeusMauritania8-Mar-71C106
Wrestling Archelous (in Serpent form)Monaco12-Jul-48210
Gallery of Hercules, Royal PalaceMonaco26-Apr-52292-4
Nemean LionMonaco5-Nov-81B100
Hydra of LermaMonaco5-Nov-81B101
Erymanthian BoarMonaco8-Nov-82B102
Stymphalian BirdsMonaco8-Nov-82B103
Hind of Mt. CeryneiaMonaco9-Nov-83B104
Augean StablesMonaco9-Nov-83B105
Cretan BullMonaco8-Nov-84B106
Horses of DiomedesMonaco8-Nov-84B107
Oxen of GeryonMonaco7-Nov-85B108
Girdle of HippolytusMonaco7-Nov-85B109
Golden Apples of HesperidesMonaco28-Oct-86B110
Cerberus of HadesMonaco28-Oct-86B111
Farnese Hercules sculptureNiger15-Oct-73292
Hercules at Fire AltarNorway9-Sep-80767
Hera & Baby Hercules "Birth of Milky Way"Paraguay18-Feb-771712
"Hercules and the Nemean Lion", RubensRomania30-Mar-671911
Hercules & Flora StatuesRussia16-Dec-572018
Hercules and AntaeusRussia5-Oct-734126
Cadiz Provincial ArmsSpain12-Nov-621055
Hercules in CofA, Cadiz Revolutionary o/pSpain19368LB1-10
Hercules and Nemean LionSyria15-Nov-47338
Hercules and Nemean LionSyria15-Nov-47C141a
Bronze Replica Hercules EpitrupeziosYugoslavia20-Sep-711076

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