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Goodies for Free

We can't collect our favorite areas without knowing what to look for! So, here are a couple free checklists.
Nubian Archaeology

Computer Desktop Wallpaper
We enjoy having computer desktop wallpaper and imagine most everyone has wallpaper displaying a favorite theme. In that spirit, we offer free 'archaeolately' wallpaper for your pleasure. Click on the image to see it full scale and then save it to your computer.

Babylon ProofDarwin CardBison Maxicard
The 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon', one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Charles Darwin with two fossil skulls. Altamira 'Rolling Bison' is thought to be calving.
105 kb (.jpg)
128 kb (.jpg)
168 kb (.jpg)
  Skull Proof 
  Australopithecus tschadanthropis.  
102 kb (.jpg)
Designs copyright of the respective national postal administrations

Our brand spanking new informational 'flyer' (in .pdf format) is now available! If you're going to a show in your area, you can print out a couple of these and drop them off at the information table. It's an easy way to help our club recruit new members and to meet other collectors with your same interests. If you would like to take some membership application forms too, you can print them out right here.

Material Freebies
Cancels, meters & stationery are often difficult to find, but you'll find them here - MORE freebies. You can get them - completely 'FREE'. We even pay the postage!


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