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Rated Web Site Awards

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Talking Hands Award

Talking Hands website award. 02/04/06
The Old World Archaeological Study Unit is a unique experience in Archaeology and Stamp Collecting. This site presents its material in a way that makes it interesting to everyone. History, Life, and mail postage takes on a new light while going through the pages of this delightful site.

The way the categories are laid out makes it very easy to find information about any era or country you would wish to see. I found myself lost in a world I know nothing about, and now I found I have expanded my knowledge a little more. A big thank you goes out to the developers and contributors of the Old World Archaeological Study Unit for a job done very well. - AS rating Elite-5.0+
- B.H.

Poetic Soul Award

Poetic Soul website award. 12/28/06
The content of the OWASU is of the biggest importance and seriousness, an excellent and very interesting place of research about the history of our civilization. Therefore it is with big please that I grant the Poetic Soul Silver Award to this important website, congratulations! - AS rating 4.0, WA-2, IWARA-Elite 4, APIRS 3, UWSAG 3.
- Lupércio Mundim

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