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From the pharoahs to the Greeks and Romans, their history on stamps is fun to collect.

Do you enjoy reading about ancient and classic cultures like the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans or the 'more than classic' Ice Age populated by Neanderthals or Cro-magnon men? Love learning about more modern cultures like the Olmec or Han? Mysterious places like Easter Island or Angkor Wat? How about prehistoric cave art, lost civilizations or mythology? If you do and you collect postage stamps, combining your interests in archaeology and stamps is a very rewarding hobby.

The Old World Archaeology Study Unit (OWASU) is a thematic stamp collecting group that collects and studies postage stamps related to archaeology (and cultural anthropology for spice) from the stone age to the beginnings of recorded history. We're collectors with a passion for history and small bits of paper that take us on our mind's journey to ancient and mysterious places foreign, far and long ago.

If you're a beginning collector or have never collected topicals before, our articles 'How to Collect Topical Stamps for Fun and Relaxation' and 'Topical Stamp Collecting, A Universal Hobby for Seniors' will give you a great headstart and enhance the experience. Membership in OWASU also provides benefits such as our newsletter with articles and information on archaeology subjects worldwide.

We hope you enjoy our web site and if you do, pass it on to a friend. You can send a referral e-mail right now! Thanks for visiting.

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